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Thanksgiving at St. Paul’s – Facebook Post

Ann Warner - Many thanks to St. Paul's Espicopal Church in Marfa for yesterday's dinner. I'm a newcomer and had no place to go. I was welcomed and taken in by the owners of Planet Marfa, a fascinating multi-generational family. It was delicious, memorable and I felt...

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Bishop Michael Buerkel Hunn The newly ordained Bishop of the Diocese of the Rio Grande stands in front of First Presbyterian Church on Saturday. Well over 1,000 attended the consecration, and more than 20,000 have viewed the live streaming of the event.

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Presiding Bishop’s Statement to the Tree of Life Shooting

Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has issued the following statement: Dear Friends, I’m here in Des Moines, Iowa at the convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa. It’s Saturday, and several hours ago you learned, as did we all, that a gunman entered...

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